The Career of Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) as a cop was destroyed after he made as scapegoats and was thrown in jail by a shunter named David Englander (Ed Harris).

In the jail, Nick lives very uneasy because he is sure that he is not guilty and his family name get worst due to this. By utilizing his close friend in police, Mike Ackerman (Anthony Mackie) and the younger brother, Joey Cassidy (Jamie Bell), Nick tries to escape from jail to clear his name while revenging to Andy.

The Nick’s effort to clean his name is quite awkward. He rises to the top of the hotel adjacent with David office as if he wanted to do suicide. On the other hand, Joey and his girlfriend, Angie (Genesis Rodriguez), are ready for orders given by Nick to do vengeance mission in the building owned by Andy.

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Movie of John Carter is a widescreen work adapted from the first novel of Edgar Rice Burrouhs titled “A Princess of Mars”. Edgar Rice Burroughs is not a new name in creation of fictional characters. The man originated from Chicago, US is well-known thanks to the creation of Tarzan character in which it is one of the most successful fiction icons all the time.

Launching of John Carter movie in 2012 is also signing the birthday of that character for 100 years old. Thus, no surprise if this heroic character could still keep standing until this time due to the adventure story in Mars which is able to steal the public''s attention from all age stages.  

The character of john Carter is acknowledged already to be pop culture across the generations. Started from the novel story to the comic, animation art, and TV program and at the time raised onto widescreen, it is proven that John Carter character has already spread various creative inspirations to the public within a last century.

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It turns out that not only conventional movie is able to make you smile, laugh and sad but also in a silent movie which is packed in black and white picture. This kind of movie is also able to reach such a thing. At least, those could be felt after watching The Artist movie.

The story is quite simple. Background at 1927 year to 1931 year when Hollywood is still named as Hollywoodland, The Artist tells about George Valentine (Jean Dujardin) who is tremendous actor at the time. Almost all of movies starred by George reach success and all people adore him include Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo).

However with the times, silent movie is started to replace the movie with using dialogue in the storyline. George who still won’t change the old style of his action is slowly leaved by his fans. In fact, peppy who at the beginning is only a grass root, is started to be his competitor after her movies are welcomed by audience enthusiastically.

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A complete casting special episode is all set to air on the food network on the 12th May which will set the pace for the new and amazing food network start season eight 2012. This hit series of a cookery show competition is one of the most successful shows in the primetime history. And when you watch the three mentors- Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada de laurentiis finalizing the last eight in the must awaited casting special the millions will definitely be up for the two hour premier on the 13th May.

A five finalist team will be mentored by the three television producers and then as they move from one step to another in the form of competitions a winner will be selected. Although the last vote is of the audience and the viewers which will be announced on the 22nd July finale the mentors are sure to keep a strict tab on each participant and train them in the finest culinary and kitchen skills. A 9pm ET/PT slot works well for this popular series which has been loved by millions.

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