No doubt that John Rambo character in “First Blood” (1982) movie is to be a widescreen work which is able to raise the name of Sylvester Stallone in Hollywood acting world. As if he were not satisfied starring the fourth movies, at the time Sylvester Stallone confesses that he still has an ambition to work on Rambo 5.

Despite still having an ambition to continue the adventure story of Rambo, but Sylvester Stallone apparently begin to consider killing the character of Rambo in this Rambo 5.

The leak of the story, Stallone has said that he was imagine Rambo will be at the Arizona border where he gets involved to go to Mexico. Rambo does not like Mexico so that Stallone consider making Rambo character died in there.

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What will happen when a teenager suddenly obtains certain special power as though superhero? Of course such a teenager will be shocked and then addicted to apply the power over and over.  

The Chronicle Movie tells about three teenagers named Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan), Matt Garetty (Alex Russell) and Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) who inadvertently found such a cave whereas it is found a mysterious object inside. When they touch three things which is similar to star form, the cave circumstance suddenly bright which previously absolutely dark and make those fainting.

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Hoping to own more spare time for family, Will Atenton (Daniel Craig) finally decide to resign from his own job as the editor in such a publishing company in New York city, USA.  

Then Will move to a small town together with his wife, Libby (Rachel Weisz) and his daughters Trish (Taylor Geare) and Dee Dee (Claire Geare). Gradually, they work together to renovate their house as their desire.

At the middle of their harmony formed in their new house, Dee Dee start grumble and feel not stand because she often see such a strange man at window. Besides, residents around the house often show a less friendly attitude to Will’s family without any reason.

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Adam Sandler comes back in to being a star in comedy movie after Just Go with It through Jack and Jill. Dennis Dugan who is already works together with Adam Sandler in several previous movies and also appears to be film director in jack and Jill, presents comedy movie which is loaded with scenes that invite laughter.

Jack Sadelstein (Adam Sandler) is an advertising executive who stays with his wife, Erin (Katie Holmes) and their children in Los Angeles. Each year, they must meet with Jack’s twin sister, Jill Sadelstein (Adam Sandler) who has certain different behavior and do not want to go back to the Bronx, New York, her home. The passive-aggressive nature and too much willingness owned by Jill make Jack not stand with Jill and make his life messy.

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