In Hollywood, Johnny Depp is one of the brightest actors. His capability in the world of acting is undeniable and astonishing. Movie fans who know him must approve that his acting skills is amazing that he has successfully played characters he had become in his previous movies, let’s mention the Edward Scissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow, The Mad Hatter, Public Enemy, Alice in Wonderland, and there are more.

Rob Marshall, the director of Johnny Depp’s latest movie “The Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, claimed that Depp will be remembered as Hollywood legend in the future. As a proof of Depp’s stunning performance, he was proposed to act as Jack Sparrow in the next sequel of Pirate of the Caribbean 5 which is rumored to be on filming soon.

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The multi-talented actor with brilliant acting skills, Johnny Depp, is ready for the upcoming movie “Pirate of The Caribbean 5”. The sequel of Pirate of The Caribbean series is planned to be filming in the nearest time responding to the latest series “Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” which earned an extraordinary success and marked a magnificent debut at the top position in US box office.

This latest sequel brought a huge amount of cash of US$ 90,1 million. The world agrees that Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a phenomena because its success even places the movie as the most-watching movie ever. It has been earning more than US$ 1 billion now.

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Fantasy movies start grabbing many movie lovers’ hearts. Start from the frightening fairy tale like Red Riding Hood to the scary urban-legend-based movies, the new concept of this movies is so amazing that many viewers found a distinctive excitement.

Even the scary movies turn into a romantic-theme movie with the so-called scary character like vampire was beautifully shaped in movie like Twilight, the movie adaptation based on bestseller novel in the same title written by a brilliant writer, Stephenie Meyer. Today, another vampire-themed movie will soon be released with the A-list actor to be the star, Adam Sandler.

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INCEPTION, an incredible science fiction movie took the dominance in Saturn Awards 2011 as it achieved 5 awards from 9 nominations. The movie which is directed by Christopher Nolan was the star during the event.  Some other movies also took lead in some categories.

The categories won include the Best Director and Best Writer for Christopher Nolan. The Best Music category came with Hans Zimmer as the winner. Meanwhile, other awards were won by Chris Carbould, Paul Franklin, Andrew Lockley, and Peter Begg for the Best Special Effects category.

Other movies like Alice in Wonderland, Tron Legacy, Black Swan, and Let Me In won two awards for each. The lead character in Black Swan, Natalie Portman, was honored with Best Actress award for her mind-blowing acting. Another actress who was lucky bringing one award home as Best Supporting Actress was Mila Kunis.

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