Among many genres of movies and plethora of effects used in movies, animation movies have their own fans. Since the first time animation movie introduced, the quality of the pictures as well as the excellence of the movie itself had been improved gradually. Today, you will even be able to see animation movie which images are truly real, as if they aren’t animation at all.

One of popular animation movie producers, Pixar, once again proved its perfect job by taking Cars 2 on top in American box office on the first week. This movie successfully gained US$ 68 million at the first night which leapfrogs the previous prediction of US$ 55 million. This comedy adventure movie is a phenomenon.

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Directed by Mark Waters (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Spiderwick Chronicles), the film is inspired from a 1938 children’s book by Richard and Florence Atwater. Jim Carrey plays the title role of a rude, self-centered businessman who is taught a variety of valuable life lessons by a group of six penguins. The penguins were haned to Mr. Popper in his neglectful father’s last will and testament and each of them exhibit unique personality characteristics, which make them more emotionally complicated than one can anticipate walking into the film.

They’re assigned names accordingly: there’s Captain, the leader, Loudy, the screamer, Lovey, the hugger, Bitey, the biter, Stinkey, the farter, and Nimrod, the stumbler. This film is a real treat to watch, particularly for the children and ensures a quality time spent with the family at the theatres.

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Directed by John Schultz, the movie ‘Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer’ stars Heather Graham as Aunt Opal, Jordana Beatty as Judy Moody, Parris Mosteller as Stink. The producers of the film are Gary Magness, Bobbi Sue Luther, and Andrew Sugerman.

The music of the film is very catchy and it owes its pleasing nature to Richard Gibbs and the teen sensation all over the world, Miley Cyrus. Editor John Pace does a decent enough job throughout the film which was shot in the studio Smokewood Entertainment and Relativity Media. Relativity Pictures are the distributors of the film, ensuring to create a world-wide appeal of Judy Moody. Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer is a comedy, kids and adaptation movie.

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Hermione Granger, the sorcerer fellow of Harry Potter is the supporting female character in Harry Potter movies, the movie series adapted from J.K. Rowling novels. Hermione is played by Emma Watson, the now’s rising star with a great talent.

The last sequel, the final one which means the end of the Harry Potter series, makes Emma Watson broke into cry when the filming ended for, yes, forever. Of course she was so sad because she has been Hermione since the first sequel of Harry Potter. It seems that this movie represents her life as she grows up during the filming of the movies.

Quoted by Contact Music from television show ‘Day Break’, Emma Watson said that she couldn’t stop crying and she just let the tears to flood her face right after her last action. She said honestly that the moment was so emotional and sad that she couldn’t control herself for stop crying. Her sadness is reasonable learning that she will be no longer be able to act as Hermione.

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