20th Century Fox party apparently cannot wait any longer to produce the net sequel of Avatar. This studio announced about this on Wednesday, October 27 2010 that they are planning Avatar 2 to be released on December, 2014 and Avatar 3 on December, 2015.

James Cameron who is to be the one behind the success of Avatar has agreed to back to direct the movie. The scene will be taken at the end of 2011. But the decision to produce two sequels simultaneously has been decided after Cameron finishing the script of the movie which tells about blue planet named Pandora.

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The news about Christopher Nolan getting involved into the making of Batman movie has been discussed. But it might only assumption and guessing. Nolan said that he cannot ignore that chance. He wants to get involved further and really eager to do that. 

It is proven that The Dark Night succeeded. It becomes one of the grossing movies ever. The movie directed by Christopher Nolan has got profit more than 1 billionaire dollars from the sale across the globe. It takes the position on the fifth on grossing movies list behind Avatar, Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Pirates: Dead Man`s Chest.

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The process to find a director for Wolverine 2 finally brings a name, Darren Aronofsky. The 41 years old director had to face a rival, David Slade who has had to be the director list beforehand.

Aronofsky has told to Hugh Jackman as the Logan character and also the producer at the same time. The director of Black Swan, Slade, also did the same that is meeting to the actors who have power to make any decision including Jackman who is in the shooting project titled Real Steel.

Jackman and Aronofsky have ever worked together when an Australian star take over the main character in The Fountain, replacing Brad Pitt, and Aronofsky was to be the director. On the other hand, Slade is sure that he will be the director of Wolverine 2 because he succeed to work on The Twilight Saga`s Eclipse.

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The story is absolutely about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. The beginning of the story is when Mark and his friends had an idea to create Facebook at their university, Harvard where he take his education. Once he got victory creating a website containing Harvard’s student faces, Mark creates a new game. In this game, there are two girls need to be voted. The winner is the one who gets the highest vote. 

New craziness has made his website, Facemash, got 22,000 hits within 2 hours. It also caused the server of Harvard crashed and Mark got detention for disciplinary act.

The story about Mark spread out around Harvard and many girls hate him because of using their photos without any permission. However, there was a twin as his senior at Harvard who liked his ide and his work.

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