The fifth series of Pirates Of The Caribbean entitled Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, later will present new young main character named Henry. It is not known about the character will become for his new figure, but it seems that it will be just like what showed by Orlando bloom and Kiera Knightley in the first third series of Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Who will become this new character in the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? Based on news, the producer is interested to Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars) and Brenton Thwaites (The Giver) on the top line to fight for getting this character.

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As beforehand assuring that Christian Bale is to be the actor who will play as Steve Jobs, the biography movie about the Apple founder reported has found the most likely one to be the candidate of the Steve wozniak player. He is Steve Jobs best friend who is also the initiator of Apple Inc founder. The most likely candidate for the character is Seth Rogen, a comedian who played in the Neighbors (2014) movie.

The movie titled Jobs is adapted from biography book written by Walter Isaacson with Aaron Sorkin who will also write the script.  Rogen has peeped out as the main candidate for being the first person collaborated with Steve Jobs, even though there is no deal yet until this time.

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As he was successful with the trilogy of Batman, the capability owned by Christopher Nolan in directing the superhero movie is worthy to get appraisal. Many people also expect that he come back to direct super hero movie again. But this director of The Dark Knight Rises (2012 for the time has not had any plan to direct the movie presented by Marvel or DC comics. It makes you consider it as well.

In the interview by Time Out, Nolan said that he has a great experience with superhero genre and has explored many things. That is a great time in his life, but he is still hard to think to get back on there. Nolan also hopes that in spite of drawing as unlimited genre, he wants that film studio will make is more than only a superhero movie in the future.

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There is a good news for X-Men comic lovers, the character which is well-known with the power to play cards, Gambit, will sooner get its solo film on the next 2016 year. It has been confirmed by Fox Studio. The screen play, Fox elects Josh Zetumer who previously succeeded for writing the scenario of Robocop (2014)

The script of Gambit film is based on a masterpiece of the Marvel legendary, Chris Claremont. He is the one who created the gambit character in 1990 alongside Jim Lee. Meanwhile, the film which the plot is played by Channing Tatum still keeps the released date to be a secret for now.

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